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Our Passion & Believe

We are passionate about understanding new businesses and eclectic in this approach. Our ability to sense opportunities for you in the market brings the much needed mutual confidence and drive to work together.

We get an adrenaline rush when we get to the nitty-gritty of your business, your offerings, the key benefits that it brings to your customer and the target audiences. Subsequently, we thrive on imaginative and experimental approaches to break new ways to enhance the existing customer base. In this process we deeply involve ourselves as your core sales, marketing and branding in-house team. The outcome we bring to your business is a clear quantifiable revenue growth and predictable mechanism to run your sales and marketing campaigns.


At SRG, our Vision is to address business growth problems rooted in budding ventures. We realize this vision by closely working with start-ups and companies to formulate the most predictable and scalable way to grow the business while making the revenues manifolds. Our expertise lies in business development strategies, lean experimentation and our ability to coach about business growth principals.

SRG, Head-quartered in Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore which is currently known to be the most fertile land for budding entrepreneurs and business. Here, we are a team of serial entrepreneur who have raised more than 7 ventures from the scratch and have brought to the growth stage.

Our past experience of bootstrapping our own start-ups and bringing-up to a profitable and self-sustainable stage had played a quint-essential role in laying our foundation for business fundamentals. Like everyone, we have also been surrounded by ever inspiring yet over whelming buzz words like digital marketing, social media promotion, lean principals and the likes. Taming these beasts to work in the favour of our business has been a lesson learned over a period of time in an extremely hard ways .Our real strength lies in our capacity for empathy with your business and the action we take on your behalf and promise a business growth.​